"The holiday chopping season runs late when an axe-toting maniac dressed as Santa makes a Christmas Eve visit to a philandering wife who murdered her husband."

And All Through The House

-- DVD description for the episode

'And All Through the House' is the 2nd episode of the 1st season and the 2nd episode overall. It aired June 10, 1989 on HBO and was directed by Robert Zemeckis, while written by Fred Dekker.  


The source for the episode came from the #35 of the Vault of Horror comic.

cast :

Larry Drake - Santa

Marshall Bell - Husband

Mary Ellen Trainor - Wife

Lindsey Whitney Barry - Carrie Ann

John E. Coates - Police Officer (voice) (uncredited)

Opening Segment Edit

The Crypt Keeper is wearing a complete santa suit. He is hardly recognizable as he has a mask over his face. He walks in carrying a bag of something and slams it on the table.

'Twas the night before Christmas "And All Through the House", lives a girl, a wife and soon to be ex-spouse. The mantle is warm, presents are under the tree, and Christmas tunes are playing as you can see. The father reads a classical Christmas book, when the fire was dying, that's when he took a look. The wife had the fire poker in her hand, "Let me have it" was the husbands command. Alas the poor husband ended up dead when the wife took the poker to his head. The loud thud woke the girl, thinking it's Santa Claus, when she came downstairs, the wife she did pause. The wife rushed to the stairs and says "What are you doing up, dear?" The girls says "I heard a thud. Is Santa Claus here?" The wife says "Not yet." and walks her back to bed, but when the girl said "Good night" to her father from the stairs, she didn't know he was dead. The wife said "Go back to sleep or Santa won't come at all." As the girl goes to sleep, the wife was going to make a call. Before she leaves, the girl says she's hot, so the wife opens the window a little, not a lot. She's on the phone with her new honey, saying the deed is done, it's all theirs, the house and the money. The wife actually got her boyfriends answering machine, after she left the message, she has her mess to clean. On the radio, important news was on the air, news that will give you a great big scare. It's not monsters, nor wolves with large manes, it's a killer from the home for the criminally insane. A heavyset, early 50's man in a Santa Claus suit, who is also a serial killing brute. The news says lock your doors and window sills, for he's escaped and is loose in Pleasentville. 4 women were killed by the man and an ax he had with, and the wife indeed is going to be the fifth. The wife pay no attention for she has to go finish her plan in the ice cold snow. She dragged the body to the well to throw him down, but before she can, she heard a noise and looked around. She saw nothing, but as she walked back, the maniac was there and ready to attack. Wielding an ax, he tries to attack in haste, but the wife grabs and icicle and sliced his face. She

Closing Segment Edit

The Crypt Keeper is no longer in his santa suit. The costume is off and he is seen sitting on something with his santa mask off and hanging next to him. He is now wearing a dark cloth and holding an axe.

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