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Anita is a retired housewife in the episode "Collection Completed".

Early LifeEdit

Anita was married to Jonas. The night of his retreat, she organizes a small party with all the animals of the house. He shows that his former colleagues offered him a gold-plated hammer. Having neglected a lot his wife previously, he realizes that she is obsessed by animals, treating it himself as an animal. For example, one of her dogs, a bulldog was also named Jonas and she gives an aspirin to her husband, by sticking him in a cake.


Worried about the progressive disappearance of her babies, Anita finds "Jonas" the dog stuffed as well as all the others. Wanting to save the new cat, she knocks out Jonas with the gold- plated hammer. The next morning, Roy, the neighbor, discovers her watching TV with Jonas whom she stuffed.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • She was portrayed by Audra Lindley.
  • Audra Lindley was famous for portray happy old woman. Her role in the episode is a cynical pastiche.