"For the money, honey! A gold digger marries a slob in hopes of gaining an inheritance."

-- DVD description for the episode

Plot Edit

A gold-digging secretary (Demi Moore) follows the advice of a fortune teller (Natalia Nogulich) and marries a slob of a man (Jeffrey Tambor) after being told that he will die shortly after inheriting a large sum of money, but the fortune teller's prediction comes true in a way that the gold-digger herself does not see coming.

Opening Segment Edit


"I look into the future, my darlings... and for you, I see something... grotesque. It will sicken and disgust you! It's me!

Tonight's tale is a sickening stab at suspense, about a gold digger who wanted big bucks to buy baubles and bangles. Look out, Cathy! I see you might just buy the big one!"

Closing Segment Edit


"Poor Cathy... she did buy the big one... and that Charlie, what a cut-up. Still, he wasn't sad in the end. You see, when Charlie got his just desserts, he requested seconds! And now, I predict the future... next week, you'll be at the same time, same place, same station, for another hideous, hateful hall of horror."

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  • The source of the story is listed as "Shock SuspenStories #6", it also features elements from "The Vault Of Horror #25". Another unrelated story also titled "Dead Right" appeared in "Tales From The Crypt #37", that story was later adapted as "Abra Cadaver" in the following season.

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