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Gloria Fleming is the wife of a crude tycoon in the episode "The Sacrifice".

Early LifeEdit

Gloria was the fourth wife of Sebastian Fleming. A day, she met the hotshot insurance salesman James who had her husband for client. Quickly, Gloria and James had a secret relation. For to live together, they decide to bump Sebastian off for his considerable money. James succeed with killing Sebastian by pushing him of the balcony. The police don't suspect the real murders because Sebastian pocketed the money of his insurance before signing it but things go awry when the meddlesome Jerry, James' boss and Gloria's obsessed first lover enters the picture claiming he had photographic evidence of the murder. His ultimatum is to share Gloria, apparently forcing her to perverse sexual games. Higly depressed by this situation, James commits suicide by ingesting sleeping drugs having written a letter where he admits that only he committed the murder, acquitting Gloria. Ironically, Gloria reveal her real face by burning the letter in front of him and rejoin her acolyte and real lover Jerry, revealing that she manipulated James since the beginning.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • She was portrayed by Kim Delaney.