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Jonas is a retired man in the episode "Collection Completed".

Early LifeEdit

Jonas was married to Anita. The night of his retreat, his wife organizes a small party with all the animals of the house. He shows that his former colleagues offered him a gold-plated hammer. Having neglected a lot his wife previously, he realizes that she is obsessed by animals, treating it himself as an animal. For example, one of her dogs, a bulldog was also named Jonas and she gives an aspirin to her husband, by sticking him in a cake.


Looking for the ideal hobby to occupy his retreat, he finds a particularly macabre in his cave: the taxidermy. Killing all the animals in the house.


Worried about the progressive disappearance of her babies, Anita finds "Jonas" the dog stuffed as well as all the others. Wanting to save the new cat, she knocks out Jonas with thegold- plated hammer. The next morning, Roy, the neighbor, discovers her watching TV with Jonas whom she stuffed.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • He was portrayed by M. Emmet Walsh.
  • M. Emmet Walsh was famous for portray happy old man. His role in the episode is a cynical pastiche.
  • Michael Ironside was also a guest star in The Outer Limits with William Sadler (Niles Tabot), Larry Drake (Santa), Joe Pantoliano (Ulric), Brett Cullen (Ronnie Price), Amanda Plummer (Peggy), Stephen Shellen (Charles), Kevin Tighe (Sam Forney), William Hickey (Carlton Webster), D. W. Moffett (Logan Andrews), Michael Ironside (Jerry) and Richard Thomas (Dr. Trask).

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