"And now for his monsterpiece: Drawings of a Tales from the Crypt cartoonist come to life...and death."

-- DVD description for the episode


An employee of the Tales from the Crypt comic named Jim Korman (Harry Anderson) is put-upon by his shrewish wife (Colleen Camp) to take potent fertility pills. After a series of weird and bizarre monster attacks, an attractive policewoman (Cynthia Gibb) interrogates the cartoonist, believing that he is somehow making his stories come true. The cartoonist must figure out the cause of the threat while also struggling with his own personal feelings for the policewoman.

Opening SegmentEdit

"Oh... Hi there fright fiends. How do you like my rancid rendering, not bad for an amateur. Hopefully it will give you an inkling of what tonight's fungusy photo-play is about because long before my eerie offerings appeared on your silver screen, they were a magazine called, get a load of this, "Tales From the Crypt." So tonight, let's take a behind the screams look at a struggling artist named Jim Korman who one day got a little too drawn into his work."

Closing SegmentEdit

"Well, how's that for a sappy ending. Was it a little too graphic for you? Oh, well. Next thing you know, Jim and his' 'new gal pal will be walking down the easeI together. I guess he learned that life imitates art after all. As for poor Mildred, she learned that death imitates art too. Maybe if she'd been nicer to him, she wouldn't have ended up a monsterpiece."

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