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Mrs. Kilbasser is a greedy banker in the episode "For Cryin' Out Loud".


Early LifeEdit

During the night when Marty Slash organize "Save the Amazon" a benefit concert starring Iggy Pop and the Leather Weazl. He get plans to run off with all the money for his own retirement to Portugal. As he gets ready to run away with the money, an admirer enters at his office apparently to compliment him to have to organize this benefit concert. The groupie tries to seduce him...until that she retired her own wig, revealing that she was his own greedy banker, Mrs. Kilbasser dizguized to trap him after having noticed that he removed the money of the concert in cash. So, she blackmails him, threatening to call the police if he does not give the half of the money.


During this time, Marty Slash had a conflict of conscience, where the voice in his head was trying to get him to stop sinning. Marty's conscience warned that Miss Kilbasser was no good and that Marty should tell her to "go to hell" and neutralize the blackmail by confessing to the embezzlement. Marty feigns agreement, only to bludgeon her to death with a guitar then hiding her body. Later, for the murder of Miss Kilbasser, Marty Slash is found guilty of first degree murder and sentenced to die in the electric chair.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • She was portrayed by Katey Sagal.
  • Katey Sagal was very known for to portray Peggy 'Peg' Bundy in Married With Children. Lee Arenberg (Marty Slash), Sam Kinison (Marty Slash's conscience), Bobcat Goldthwait (Billy Goldman), Lewis Arquette (Ernest Feeley), Jon Lovitz (Barry Blye), Kimmy Robertson (Lisa), Kevin Brief (Detective) and Graham Jarvis (Mr. Grundy) were also guest stars in the show.
  • Later, she portray Gemma Teller Morrow in Sons of Anarchy, alongside Ally Walker (Elaine Tillman).
  • Mrs. Kilbasser was almost identical to Peggy Bundy because they are wrongly pretty, eccentric, cynical and opportunists.

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