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Psyche is a witch priestess voodoo in the episode "'Til Death".

Early LifeEdit

Psyche was in vendetta against her ex-lover Logan Andrews, a ambitious business man who want used the land taken from her native tribe for opening a new luxurious hotel which won't respect the local culture and customs. Psyche does some voodoo and suddenly, there appear some moving sands on Logan's plot. Desperate for cash, because he will need loads and loads of money to build there, Logan tries to seduce Margaret Richardson, a recently-widowed millionaire, who despises him and rejects to invest in the building of the hotel. Logan asks Psyche for help, unconscious of her vendetta. She gives him a potion: if Margaret drinks from it once, she will fall in love with him for a short time; if she drinks from it twice, she will fall in love with him forever. Logan uses the potion. Margaret gets the hots for him suddenly, but after they make love that love disappears. Logan uses the potion four times, and Margaret immediately gets a desperate obsession for him. She looks like possessed when the potion starts to work on her. Logan has to ask Freddy for some advice, as he can't control Margaret who died from a cardiac arrest. He tried to accuse Psyche who repeats that only he has used the potion. Ironically, Margaret is resurrected from the grave, always obsessed by him and looking like a bloody zombie. Noticing that it will be endless, Logan commits suicide by swallowing some poison. Later, he wake up in a bed, apparently becoming a zombie also attached by Psyche who reveals her vendetta against him and leashed together with Margaret who holds the talking head of Freddy.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • She was portrayed by Janet Hubert.