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Raven is a prostitute in the episode "Only Sin Deep".

Early LifeEdit

Raven is a prostitute, who was working with Sylvia Vane on the streets of New York. Like Sylvia, she was presumably so down and out she resorted to prostitution in order to make ends meet. Sylvia, however, believed she was destined for better things, and figured her looks would open up doors for her. They then saw Ronnie Price exit a limo into a grand apartment building. While both girls swooned over him, Raven admitted that he was out of her league, while Sylvia figured she could rise to the challenge. Sylvia was then propositioned by Raven's pimp, who was offering his "protection" in exchange for free sex. Sylvia led the pimp into a back alley, only to try to rob him. In the scuffle, Sylvia's gun discharged and shot the pimp, causing him to bleed to death. Raven is shocked at this turn of events, but does not report Sylvia to the authorities, either out of loyalty to her friend or feelings her pimp was a horrible, abusive man who got what he deserved.

Much later in the episode, Raven looks across the street and sees Sylvia with Ronnie on her arm, amazed that Sylvia lassoed a millionaire.

The episode ends with Sylvia, her beauty now gone, accidentally bumping into Raven, who brusquely brushes her aside since she is now an aged hag, unaware that it is her friend.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • She was portrayed by Pamella D'Pella.